Health Science courses are offered through the Art & Sciences Division. The Arts & Sciences division selects well-regarded experts and practitioners to serve students and provide a high-quality learning experience.

Heather Christian

Assistant Professor of Science

Paul Andriscin

Assistant Professor of History

Bruce Bishop

Assistant Professor of Religion

Dr. Lara Bowers

Chair, Arts & Sciences Division

(802) 776-5229

Ashley Carleton

Adjunct Professor, Radiologic Sciences-Sonography

James Curtis

Assistant Professor of English


Raymond Fish

Instructor in Arts & Science

Guy Goodell

Instructor in English

Ann Honan

Instructor in Science

Sally A. Keefe

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
James Lambert

James Lambert

Instructor in Arts & Science
Ashley Monroe teaches Health Science

Ashley Monroe

Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences & Clinical Instructor

(802) 775-5267

Jonathan Newell

Instructor in Arts & Science

Carol Protivansky

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts

Jennifer Rocque-Tift

Instructor in Arts & Science

Douglas Weber

Instructor in Religion
Roger Weeden

Roger Weeden

Radiologic Sciences Program Director & Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences

(802) 776-5243