Dr. Balfour teaches a course in History

Students earning a Bachelor of Arts in History will complete a 36 credit major with emphasis on United States and World History culminating in the capstone course, HIS430 Seminar in History. By recommendation of a faculty member, students may elect to take a practicum in History.

College of St. Joseph established Guided Pathways for each undergraduate major in 2016. The Guided Pathways were developed through the CSJ Learning Collaborative and provide a visual road map showing students what courses they should take and when to achieve four-year graduation success. View the History Guided Pathway here. View the 3-Year Guided Pathway here.

To complete your Bachelor of Arts in History, you must complete the following:

History Program Requirements

HIS101 World Civilizations I3This course examines varied aspects of world history from the beginnings of civilization to approximately A.D. 1500.
HIS102 World Civilizations II3This course examines varied aspects of world history from approximately 1500 to the present. A student can enroll in HIS102 without taking HIS101.
HIS103 United States History I3This course presents a survey of the history of the United States from the Colonial period through the Civil War. Students will be introduced to the major social, political, cultural and economic developments that occurred within the U.S. during this period.
HIS104 United States History II3This course continues the study of United States history from the Post-Civil War Reconstruction to the present. A student can enroll in HIS104 without HIS103.
HIS201 The World Since 19453This course emphasizes events in the recent past that have shaped the contemporary world. Students will have the opportunity to explore significant issues and events including the Cold War, the rise of post World War II nationalism, the emergence of new nations in Africa and Asia, the Middle East, Communist China, the rise of global terrorism and the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism in Eastern Europe.
HIS202 United States History Since 19453Surveys those important issues that have faced the American people in the atomic age. Such issues as the Cold War, the Soviet-American rivalry, the upheavals of the 1960’s, racial equality and other fundamental changes which have taken place in American politics, the economy and society will be included in this study.
HIS205 Historical Inquiry3Acquaints the student with the theory and practice of historical study. Topics will include an analysis of the purpose of history, an explanation of procedures and methods used by historians in explaining the past, a survey of recent developments in historical study, and the mechanics of historical research.
HIS430 Seminar in History*3A capstone course for History majors designed to provide an in-depth study of the skills and techniques required for historical research. Students will be expected to produce a major research paper. Also included in the course will be an introduction to the study of historiography and the history of ideas. Students in a popular culture concentration must choose a research paper topic appropriate to that concentration, subject to approval by the instructor. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

Distributive Requirements

History electives with nine credits at or above the 300 level 12Take nine credits of History electives at or above the 300 level.

General Education Core

General Education Core40History majors must complete the General Education Core.

General Electives

General Electives44History majors must complete 44 credits of general electives.
Total 120