History majors may choose a concentration in Popular Culture, in addition to more traditional studies.

The Popular Culture concentration emphasizes the reading and analysis of film, television, music, video games, genre literature, and other mass-produced forms.

The Popular Culture emphasis will be useful for students who are interested in graduate studies in English, Cultural/American Studies, History or Communication. Also, students are interested in secondary education, new media, marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship will find the skills and theories in the Popular Culture concentration useful to their careers.

Requirements for a Popular Culture Concentration (History)

POC200 Introduction to Popular Culture3This course is designed to provide the theoretical background for analyzing popular culture. In addition to providing students a range of popular culture theory, the course will also explore how these theories can be used to explore film, television, music, video games and the internet. All students in the Popular Culture concentration must take this course.
Popular Culture Electives12Four electives in Popular Culture.