Human Services

College of St. Joseph’s Human Services minor allows you to gain an understanding of the value of service to the community and helping others as well as appreciation of multicultural diversity and the cultural context in which behavior occurs.

Requirements for a Human Services Minor

HUS102 Introduction to Human Services3This is an introductory survey course designed to help students examine career options and educational requirements in the field of human services. Some of the specialty areas examined include social rehabilitative and welfare services to children, families, and the elderly, correctional/criminal justice services, substance abuse, mental retardation and vocational rehabilitation services. Additional topics include an analysis of historical, current, and projected trends in the field and issues involved in the provision of human services provider agencies.
HUS108 Professional Development 1
HUS315 Culture and Community in Human Services3This course explores the historical underpinnings of service delivery as well as current day practices and service characteristics in the field of human services. The course will also address issues of ethnic-sensitive practices as well as institutional vs. community based helping services. Current legislation including the Americans with Disabilities Act will be studied. Fieldwork component will also be required. Prerequisite: PSY102 or HUS102 (required for Human Services majors), or permission of Division Chairperson.
PSY104 Human Growth and Development3This course will provide students a systematic examination of the processes of human psychological growth from conception throughout infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and into old age. Socio-emotional, intellectual and biological domains of development will be considered from perspectives of psychodynamic and psychosocial theory, as well as more contemporary socio-cultural, cognitive, neuroscientific and ecological approaches.
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology3An integrated and systematic survey of modern sociological methodology and concepts which include as subject matter: the nature of culture and human society, social processes, social structures, and social changes.
Human Services elective at or above 300 level. 3The Human Services minor requires students to take three Human Services credits at or above the 300 level.

Note: Students who minor in Human Services are not eligible for internships; however, certain courses do have limited field or laboratory experience as part of their requirements. No more than nine additional credits in Human Services may be applied toward the degree. The Human Services minor is not open to Psychology majors.