CSJ Public Safety

College of St. Joseph’s Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration provides you with applied knowledge on the nature of and causes of personal and property offenses in the private corporate and public emergency setting, including relevant law and legal procedures, and the decision-making processes of corporate governance and public agencies responsive to public safety needs.

The program provides students with a strong foundation for success in practitioner settings and advanced graduate studies.

Public Safety Administration Classes include topics in the nature and scope of public safety for private sector applications, environmental safety, school safety and learning environments, natural disaster response and coordination and more.

About the Criminal Justice Division

The Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration is offered through the Criminal Justice Division.

Students enrolled in College of St. Joseph’s programs are well positioned to pursue professional opportunities in the field. In addition, they gain knowledge and skills that will serve them well in other professions. The Division offers a Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration.