A degree in Sports Management can put you on the path to the following careers*:

Possible careers for Sports Management Majors

  • Athletes Business Manager
  • Athletic Coach
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Camp Director
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Professional Sports Scout
  • Recreation and Fitness Studies Professor
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Events Planner
  • Talent Agent

*An advanced degree or additional training may be required for some of these careers, with an associate or bachelor degree being a good first step toward this goal. This is not an exhaustive list of occupations and places of employment associated with this major.

Internships in Sports Management

The Division of Business encourages students to participate in one or more internship experiences.

The internship experience provides students with an excellent opportunity to synthesize the theories and methodologies comprising their academic experience with the contemporary trends of the marketplace. The internship is a three-or six-credit experience that can be applied to the electives within each Business major. The Division encourages all of its students to participate in an internship provided they meet the following standards of performance:

  • Cumulative average of 2.0 or higher in Business courses;
  • Junior/Senior standing; and
  • Completed a majority of the requirements for the major.