Pro-C.E.E.D. at CSJ

College of St. Joseph understands the importance of balancing work and family commitments with the desire to pursue your professional goals. We developed Pro-C.E.E.D. (Professional Continuing Education, Enrichment and Development) at CSJ©, offering skills-focused, certificate-bearing courses, workshops, seminars and training/consulting services, specifically to serve adult learners.

Pro-C.E.E.D. offers 12-week, four course, certificate-bearing programs in small business management for private sector and nonprofit leaders, social media and leadership principles and practices. There is also an online Urban Education Development Initiative for counselors and educators.

College of St. Joseph also offers an online Post-Primary Certificate Training Program in Sonography or Computed Tomography for licensed medical imaging professionals desiring to obtain additional licensure credentials in Sonography or CT.

Learn tools you can use in your career pursuits right away, without the time commitment of a full- or part-time degree program, while adding credentials to your resume or earning continuing education credits. 

Learn more about the following certificate and professional development courses:
Social U: A Micro Course on the Social Web
Small Business Management for Private Sector and Nonprofit Leaders
Leadership Principles and Practices for the 21st Century
Urban Education Development Initiative
Post-Primary Certificate Training Program in Sonography or Computed Tomography