The College acknowledges that some adult learners may enter the institution with knowledge attained through modes outside of formal college and university instruction. Consequently, as a means to evaluate student knowledge at entry, a variety of options that assess student learning are sanctioned. Entering students may utilize these modes within two semesters after their date of entry. (There is no limit for “Harvest.”)

Subject to the requirement that 30 credits of a student’s course work toward a bachelor degree and 15 toward an associate degree must be done at College of St. Joseph, the College will accept and apply, in keeping with its specific degree and program requirements, up to a maximum of sixty (60) college level credits earned collectively through the following modes:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) credits: 12-credit limit applied at the discretion of the College.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Education Services (DANTES) credits by examination: 12 credit total limit in any combination subject to the College’s established cut-off scores and credit award policy for CLEP and DANTES. No credits may be applied to a student’s major. Exams may not be repeated.
  • American Council of Education (ACE) and Program on Non-Collegiate Sponsored Institutions (PONSI); American Institute of Banking (AIB) – accredited courses: 30 credit total limit in any combination.
  • Experiential Learning (Harvest) Credit: 45-credit limit.
  • Challenge Credit: 12-credit limit. (Note: may not be taken to pass a previously failed course or to improve a grade in a course already completed; may be taken only once for the same course; no tutoring services are provided for students preparing for Challenge Exams.)**

Exceptions to 60-credit limit:

  • Nursing Diploma – Up to 51 credits with maximum of 24 additional other alternative credits allowed.
  • NY Excelsior College – 60-credit limit with a maximum of 15 additional other alternative credits allowed.

*Adult Learners: Students who are 22 years old or older when they enter CSJ.

**A “challenge examination” will be administered for a course normally offered by the College, and for which there is an available instructor to devise and evaluate the test, to a matriculated CSJ student who demonstrates readiness to sit for such an examination. The student must complete a “Petition for Credit by Examination” form, to be approved by the appropriate Division Chair, and pay a $40 nonrefundable examination fee, which, if the test is passed, will be applied to a cost of $40 per credit awarded.