In a world where a college education is more and more of a necessity, it’s important that small liberal arts colleges remain a vibrant and viable option for today’s students — and that students who would benefit from a CSJ education find us.

Nobody knows better than you what the CSJ experience can be like — a life-changing academic, professional and personal education thanks to small class sizes, individualized attention, and excellent instructors who know each of their students. This is a place where students make lifelong friendships — not only with each other, but with faculty and staff who become like family. This is a place where people care about one another’s well-being and success.

This is where you can help.

CSJ’s Alumni Referral Scholarship – Do Unto Others (DUO)

Referring a student to CSJ is a great way for you to support your alma mater that doesn’t require a direct financial contribution from you. In fact, the referral is worth $1,000 per year toward the tuition of any full-time undergraduate student you refer who attends CSJ!

Our vision is to have at least 35 students who are referred to us by alumni for Fall 2019.  Will you help us reach that goal?

Alumni Scholarship Referral

  • Please let us know why you feel this student will be a great addition to the CSJ community.