College Alcohol Policy

The use of alcohol is prohibited in all facilities and on all grounds owned by the College, except in designated “wet suites.” Violators are subject to disciplinary action including sizeable fines.

Note: Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages is never an acceptable excuse for disruptive or destructive behavior. Such behavior is grounds for suspension or dismissal. Guidelines regarding the alcohol policy including disciplinary action are detailed in the Student Handbook.

College Drug Policy

College of St. Joseph students are expected to obey the State and Federal laws pertaining to illegal drugs. The possession and/or use of illegal drugs or their distribution may subject any student and/or guest to criminal prosecution. In addition, this violation involves serious College disciplinary action, including dismissal from the College.

Health Risks

Drug use can weaken the immune system, cause cardiovascular conditions, cause the liver to have to work harder, cause seizures, stroke and widespread brain damage, including effecting the brain’s “reward” circuit. Alcohol use can cause anemia, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, depression and more.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Vermont Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Recovery Supports

Alcoholics Anonymous: 802-775-0402

Narcotics Anonymous:  802-773-5757

Turning Point Club of Rutland (Substance Abuse Services): 802-773-6010, 141 State Street Rutland, VT