The financial aid staff at College of St. Joseph maintains exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of providing student financial aid. As a member of the National Association of Student Financial Assistance Administrator’s (NASFAA) we have adopted their State of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct, which helps to ensure transparency in the administration of student financial aid programs.

As Financial Aid Professionals We:

  • Shall not solicit or accept any gifts having a monetary value of more than a nominal amount from a lender, guarantor, or servicer. This includes family members.
  • Shall refrain from taking any action for any personal benefit.
  • Will not participate in revenue sharing arrangement with any lender between College of St. Joseph or its employees.
  • Shall not accept from any lender or affiliate of any lender any fee, payment, or other financial benefit as compensations for any type of consulting arrangement or other contract to provide services to a lender or on behalf of a lender relating to education loans.
  • Shall not request or accept funds from any lender for private education loans including funds for an opportunity pool loan to its students in exchange for the school providing promises of a specified loan number or volume or a preferred lender arrangement for educational loans.
  • Shall not assign, through award packing or other methods to first-time borrowers, a particular lender or refuse or delay processing of a loan based on the borrower’s selection of a lender or guarantor.
  • Shall not accept or request any assistance with call center or financial aid staffing from any lender.
  • Shall refrain from taking any action that is contrary to law, regulation, or the best interests of the students and parents served.
  • Shall ensure that the information provided to students and families is accurate, unbiased, and does not reflect any preference arising from actual or potential personal gain.
  • Will be objective in making decisions and in advising College of St. Joseph regarding relationships with any entity involved in any aspect of student financial aid.
  • Will refrain from soliciting or accepting anything of other than normal value from any entity (other than an institution of higher education or governmental entity such as the US Department of Education) involved in making, holding, consolidating, or processing of any student loans, including anything of value for serving on an advisory body or a part of a training activity of or sponsored by any such entity.