College of St. Joseph

College of St. Joseph offers scholarships that recognize both academic achievements and financial need.

Upon acceptance to CSJ, you will automatically be considered for a Provider Scholarship, which awards up to $65,500 over four years for students who are academically curious and wish to engage in both the campus community and service to the greater Rutland Region.

Our scholarships are supported by the generous friends of CSJ and local businesses who believe deeply in the College’s mission, vision and values.

Provider Scholarship Program

College of St. Joseph is furthering its mission and addressing national concern over the rising cost of higher education by offering the Provider Scholarship Program. The scholarship for full-time undergraduate students, worth $65,000 over four years, incorporates a commitment to academic excellence, personal and professional growth, and community service. Tuition, room and board costs are locked in over four years, which means that the direct cost to students decreases over their time at CSJ.

Scholarships for First-Time Students

College of St. Joseph offers several scholarships for first time, undergraduate students, including the Alumni Referral Scholarship and the Sisters of St. Joseph Grant.

Scholarships For Transfer Students

College of St. Joseph offers scholarships to students that transfer to CSJ from another accredited college or university.

Scholarships for Current Students

College of St. Joseph offers nearly 20 scholarships for students who currently attend CSJ.