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You can afford a CSJ education.

As you plan for college, you’re probably dealing with a lot of confusion over what your degree is really going to cost. We want to change that.

Effective Fall 2018, we’re lowering our full-time, traditional undergraduate tuition by $5,500 — nearly 24%. It’s a move designed to narrow the gap between our published price and what students actually pay after their financial aid is applied, making CSJ a more realistic option from the start. We have also maintained our commitment to scholarships and financial aid, further reducing a student’s cost of attendance. When you add it all up, this change makes CSJ more accessible and affordable for students and families who previously thought a private college education in Vermont was beyond their reach.

Undergraduate Tuition Reset 


>Why is CSJ reducing undergraduate tuition?

Determining the real cost of a private education is complicated.  At many colleges there is currently a very large disconnect between the “sticker price” of tuition and what students and families actually pay, which is considerably less.

The result is that too many prospective students and their families turn away due to an inflated tuition price before they even apply. By lowering tuition, CSJ narrows the gap between our published price and what students and families will actually pay after their financial aid is applied, creating a clearer view of the true cost — and the true value — of a CSJ degree.


>Who is eligible to receive the new tuition rate?

All full-time undergraduate students enrolled at CSJ for the 2018-19 academic year.  This includes full-time undergraduate students who transfer to CSJ beginning Fall 2018.


>Will CSJ still offer financial aid and scholarships?

 Yes. We will continue to award scholarships and financial aid to all who qualify to make it possible for students to afford and attend CSJ. With a lower published tuition, the need for financial aid will be lower, so these awards will be adjusted to compensate for reduced need.


>When does the new tuition go into effect?

 The new tuition rate goes into effect for the 2018-19 academic year.


>How will current students be affected?

Returning students will have the option of continuing with their established financial aid package, or changing to the lower tuition/lower scholarship structure, whichever results in a lower net cost to the student.