Library resources at CSJ

The Library maintains confidentiality of student, faculty and staff circulation and interlibrary loan records. Under Vermont law, all library transactions are private and confidential. Library records may only be viewed by the patron or a member of the library staff in the normal conduct of their duties. No information about accounts or transactions may be given to any other individual without permission of the patron.

Law enforcement officials require a judicial order or warrant to obtain library records. The library will cooperate with legal authorities with appropriate documentation.

Minimum records kept:

The Library keeps the minimum number of records necessary to maintain operations. For example, when a user logs off a library computer, the Library does not retain information that connects the user to activities performed during the session. When a borrower returns materials to the Library, information about the materials checked out is deleted from the Library’s records every semester.

Policies reviewed April 2015 (Academic Advancement Committee)