You can earn up to 30 college credits without paying course tuition that can be transferred and applied to an undergraduate degree at College of St. Joseph, based on the College’s new credit transfer agreement with Saylor Academy.

Students interested in attending CSJ can earn credits through the Saylor Direct Program, which includes tuition-free, self-paced online courses and modest fee-based credit-by-exam programs that can be applied at CSJ.

You can save up to a full year of tuition – currently $20,000 – by taking Saylor courses online and passing proctored exams before transferring to CSJ. Participation in Saylor courses also allows you to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in just three years.

Saylor courses are available 24/7 through an on-demand education portal, allowing you to fast-track your future. There are no fees for learning materials, no due dates, and no way to fall behind, making it an affordable, accessible pathway to a college degree.

Course Equivalencies

Saylor Academy CourseCSJ CourseCreditsArea of Study
BUS210: Corporate CommunicationCOM3003Written Communication
MA005: Calculus IMathematics4Mathematics
BUS2014: Business StatisticsMTH1563Mathematics
POLSC201: Introduction to Western Political ThoughtSocial Science3Social Sciences
BIO101: Introduction to Molecular & Cellular BiologyNatural and Physical Science – No Lab3Natural and Physical Sciences
CHEM101: General Chemistry INatural & Physical Science – No Lab3Natural and Physical Sciences
BUS205: Business Law and EthicsElective3Electives
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science IElective3Electives
BUS203: Principles of MarketingMKG3103Major/Specialization Course
BUS208: Principles of ManagementMGT3003Major/Specialization Course

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