The diversity of our community is important to us, and we strive to promote an open and inclusive environment for all backgrounds.

Our students come from varied walks of life, with many religions practiced and many languages spoken.

Our goal is to ensure both access and success for every student. We are are committed to promoting a culture of inclusiveness through campus-wide initiatives, including clubs and activities like Bachata dance nights and a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which included a keynote lecture on civil disobedience. Faculty and staff have also attended a summer Spanish conversation course.

A letter from the Office of Diversity & Inclusion


Our institution understands that redefinition is critical to growth. The process of claiming and naming constants in our lives requires a thorough and in-depth contemplation of who we were, who we are, and who we intend to become. Sixty years after the founding of our institution, College of St. Joseph continues to revisit the commitments that encompass who we are.

College of St. Joseph continues to live out our core values that focus upon extending hospitality; loving our neighbors without distinction; reconciliation through peaceful resolution and continued unity with God, creation, and one another. These core values have remained steadfast as we continuously redefine College of St. Joseph for the 21st century.

Our institution is continuously moving beyond previous concepts of diversity, which focused primarily on race and ethnicity. Rather, CSJ fosters a unique understanding of diversity that intentionally encompasses the core values of the College’s founders.

The “broad diversity” fostered and experienced at College of St. Joseph includes an understanding and willingness on the part of CSJ’s faculty, staff, students and friends to participate in our efforts to foster inclusion as our ultimate aim. Instead of traditional conversations on racial identity alone, the “broad diversity” claimed and named by our campus community allows us to redefine how we maintain our core values in today’s society. Our inclusiveness allows us to welcome those whose first language is not English and those who maintain our institution’s commitment to understanding one another as we explore the wonders of God’s creation.

College of St. Joseph will continue our efforts to uplift and and continue to extend our unique understanding and practice of a unique diversity and inclusion that is found only at CSJ.


Paula J. McGhee
Chief Diversity Officer