CSJ Campus

All College of St. Joseph, students are expected to conduct themselves according to the Christian norms that reflect the commitment of the College community and to develop the personal character and social attributes that reflect full maturity.

Respect for human dignity, for the rights and views of others, regardless of race, sex, religion or social position, manifests the intellectual vision valued by CSJ men and women.

All members of the student body have an obligation to support the intellectual, social and spiritual development of their fellow students. Their ultimate responsibility is to prepare themselves for work now and in the years ahead, regardless of the personal sacrifice involved, for their own good and for the good of their fellow humans.

Specifically, College of St. Joseph expects that each student will obey the laws enacted by federal, state and local governments. In addition, there are “College Standards of Conduct” governing student behavior, the violation of which may subject the student to disciplinary action. All of the policies and procedures, which concern community welfare, are listed in the “Student Handbook.”

It is impossible for a community of several hundred members to function effectively without appropriate organization and structure. The policies and procedures which deal more directly with student conduct outline the behavioral expectations which the College community deems essential to its educational mission. Violators of these policies are subject to judicial procedures carried out on behalf of the College community by its designated representatives.

College Alcohol Policy

The use of alcohol is prohibited in all facilities and on all grounds owned by the College, except in designated “wet suites.” Violators are subject to disciplinary action including sizeable fines. Note: Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages is never an acceptable excuse for disruptive or destructive behavior. Such behavior is grounds for suspension or dismissal. Guidelines regarding the alcohol policy including disciplinary action are detailed in the Student Handbook.

College Drug Policy

College of St. Joseph students are expected to obey the state and federal laws pertaining to illegal drugs. The possession and/or use of illegal drugs or their distribution may subject any student and/or guest to criminal prosecution. In addition, this violation involves serious disciplinary action, including dismissal from the College.