College of St. Joseph’s Framework for College Completion initiative is a five-year project supported by a 2.2M$ investment under the US Department of Education’s Title III, Part A: Strengthening Institutions initiative. The project will assist the College in promoting next-generation learning through improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching, learning supports, and advising, thus enhancing student success. The project’s three synergistic components include:

  • Guided Academic Pathways, which will address diffuse academic planning by integrating at the institutional level guided maps for degree completion across all academic divisions. A first-year student course will provide strategic coaching, guided pathway orientation and proactive advising.
  • Enhanced Pedagogy will address outdated and fragmented instructional strategies with a re-design of many courses to include technology infusion. The concomitant enhancement of classroom technology and implementation of a new learning management system will support the re-design process.
  • Integrated Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) will provide multiple resources to address student needs documented within personalized learning plans. An early alert system will enable timely interventions that remedy student challenges, while resources for faculty will support course design and implementation.

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