The Traumatology Institute at College of St. Joseph is a Certification Program designed specifically for students, first responders, professionals, para-professionals and community members within the fields of mental health, law enforcement, military, education, and other stakeholders and practitioners who deal with trauma and its emotional impact.  The CSJTI is a fully accredited certification program of The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology Commission of Certification and Accreditation.

CSJTI is the only GCAT Certification Program in the State of Vermont and surrounding area, and it addresses a growing need for specialized trauma services and advanced practitioner development.

Certifications offered

Within the CSJ Traumatology Institute, the Center for Trauma Studies offers courses leading to four separate levels of Trauma Certification leading to membership in the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.  The four certifications are:

  • Compassion Fatigue Therapist
  • Compassion Fatigue Educator
  • Certified Field Traumatologist
  • Certified Clinical Traumatologist

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